Progress Report – An Update About The Memorial

It has been some time since I posted, but I assure you, I have never stopped working on this project. I want to update you on our progress. I have attempted to make contact with celebrities who I thought might be interested in helping us promote this project, but I was unsuccessful. I thought I had finally made contact with Dean Cain via Twitter. He followed me, I assumed since his was a verified account, and I was able to send him a direct message. I asked if he would review some information about the memorial. He replied that he would. I sent him a link to a file, but I never heard from him again. Further attempts to contact him were unsuccessful. I can, and may one day, write a book on my attempts to contact celebrity figures. For the past three months I have had to focus my efforts on site updates. My ISP had to move me to a new VPS server. When that happened, my shopping cart, which I used on three sites, quit functioning. The cart developers decided they would no longer support their product. I had to install a new cart on two sites, my TigersTime Studios gallery and the Zoe Foundation, my tiger site. I had to install a new form on this site. In the past, I used the same shopping cart to receive donations on this site. I decided to use WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin, which seems to work fine. For the past year I have been developing a new product to use as a fundraiser for the memorial....
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