Crowdfunding and the Memorial

A Crowdfunding Campaign Previously I have written about a new product I designed called the HandleDry, a silicone accessory for an electric toothbrush that stops the foam from running down the handle. 100% of the proceeds form future sales of this product will be used to promote and ultimately construct the Freedom Reigns Memorial. At present, I am working on building a mailing list of people who show an interest in the product. This endeavor seems like it should be straight forward, but it’s more difficult than you might think. I have several landing pages. I post on Facebook and Twitter. Most recently I tried to boost a Facebook post. I wanted to test a $10, single day boost. The post reached 369 people. Post engagement was 26. We got 2 page likes and no sign ups on our crowdfunding mailing list. When I set up the boost, I used crowdfunding, crowd sourcing, electric toothbrush, and toothbrush as key words directed at US individuals. That $10 gave me some insight, but that’s about it. We just don’t have the money to throw at advertising in hopes for a successful outcome. That could get very expensive with the distinct possibility of no return. We have gotten very nice reviews from users of the product. I hoped the testimonials on the landing page or the use of proceeds would motivate people to sign up. Apparently neither reason was motivating enough. I have done market research and statistical analysis before. Admittedly, the sampling was small, but we should have gotten a few additions to the list. I have read a lot about...
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